In The Works

While writing Faith Lifts was an absolute joy, it is the creativity of fiction that really  gets Isunji going. A confessed "sucker for a good story," her aim is to tell real stories where real characters experience real life through their faith. Her favorite writing quote is one by Toni Morrison, "If there is a book you really want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, then YOU must write it." Here are some ideas Isunji is currently developing...

Cloud of Witnesses Lyric Montgomery is at a crossroads in her life. Her career is going nowhere, she is in debt, her love life is non-existent, her family is facing a crisis, and her faith is as dry as the Sahara.In a nutshell, life has left her wanting on all fronts. Lyric is sick and tired of doing all the "right" things and having nothing to show for it. In fact, she is at the point of giving up on everything, her faith, her job, her family, her problems; walking away  and beginning anew - a new state, a new job, the whole nine. She shares her frustration with her closest friends, they try to encourage her, but she has heard it all before. Lyric dismisses their words and explains how easy it was for the people in biblical times to walk in faith because they didn't lead the hectic, often frustrating, lives we lead today. Her words lead her on a journey back in time where she experiences a day in the lives of a couple significant Bible characters and learns a valuable lesson about the timelessness of faith.  Lyric's journey gives her the encouragement she needs to keep going and the courage to build the life she desires.

On The Way To Reba's Lisa, a loving wife and devoted mother. She loves her family and doesn't regret the life choices she has made; it's just that somewhere in the process of caring for everyone else, she lost herself. She's in a rut and finds support in her childhood friend, Pam (who is in a rut of her own) and in her obsession with country music icon, Reba McEntire. From sitcom reruns to videos to magazines, Lisa is an expert in all things Reba. So it was no surprise to when her idol shows up in her dream to give her the answer she's been looking for. Unfortunately, Lisa wakes up just before Reba can give her the answer. On an impulse, Lisa drags a reluctant Pam on a crazy cross-country road trip to find Ms. McEntire and get that answer. On the way to Reba's, both women discover (and rediscover) themselves, test the bonds of their friendship, and gain a new appreciation for the lives they have; and who knows, they may actually meet Reba before all is said and done!