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Faith Lifts is a 31-day devotional designed to encourage, inspire, entertain, and, most importantly, to refresh the weary spirit.

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We live in the age of the makeover. A fresh coat of paint or a new wardrobe can revitalize the outside, but how about the inside?

 Like our physical bodies, our spirits can can also be in need makeover. A dose of Divine encouragement is often just the remedy we need, and, unlike paint or clothing, it doesn't cost a cent. 

Faith Lifts: 31 Daily Boosts for a Sagging Faith does just that – lifts a weary spirit. In a practical, conversational style injected with humor, Isunji shares personal anecdotes and life lessons designed to encourage, motivate, inspire, entertain and lift a sagging faith! 


“Such a wonderful and inspiring book! It was just what I needed to renew my spirit. I cannot wait for more from the author!! ”

—Nettef, Amazon Review

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