Rush Hour

Rush Hour.jpg

I was fussing. Route 1 was backed up despite the fact that I left the office early. I was tired and beyond ready to go home. Traffic was moving at a snail’s pace, people were driving like they do during rush hour in the DMV, and the lights were not in my favor. The person in front of me wanted to let everyone and their mama slide in front of him, which in my mind was making my nightmare commute even longer - so yes, I was fussing because that’s what I do sometimes when traffic gets backed up. I’m the only one who hears it, and while it doesn’t change anything, it sure makes me feel better!Finally the bottle neck started to loosen up and traffic began to flow. I stopped fussing and started singing to the radio until I saw the blue and red lights up ahead. What happened next both surprised and saddened me. I saw some black gentleman and some of Virginia’s finest to my right. As I moved over to the middle lane, I couldn’t get a good grip on the steering wheel because just like that my palms started sweating and my heart was beating like crazy. I don’t remember turning the radio off, but apparently I did. I couldn’t be sure what I was going ride up on. My initial reaction was fear. Fear for the men on the side of the road, fear of yet another headline when I woke up the next morning. As I got closer, I saw there had been an accident. I also saw the men and the officers laughing and talking together. The long exhale I gave was the first indication that I’d been holding my breath, and I was totally unprepared for the single tear of relief that coursed down my cheek. As I drove on toward home I remember thinking how tired I am of feeling afraid, sad, dismissed, disregarded, and a host of other emotions that have been spiritually draining. As I approached the bridge heading for home, I prayed for peace because we all could use it right about now. One of my favorite Stevie Wonder songs expresses my heart so well, “Love’s in need of love today. Don’t delay. Send yours in right away. Hate’s going ‘round, breaking many hearts. Stop it please before it’s gone too far…” Praying Love and Peace over you and yours tonight.