Wait, What? - True Story #2

Photo by  Tachina Lee  on  Unsplash

Photo by Tachina Lee on Unsplash

This week's true story... Some of you have seen my Starbucks posts, you know that my name has always been an issue. Whether it was hurt feelings because the Romper Room lady never called saw me in her magic mirror or one of the countless time a barista gets it wrong, my name has been an issue. Don't get me wrong, it's not that I don't like it. In fact, with the exception of that period in high school when my friends decided to tack "Lou" to the end of everyone's name in our circle (Isunji-Lou didn't quite fly...), I actually love it.

Of course there are perks to having a unique name. For instance whenever I'm in a waiting room and I see the receptionist or the nurse or whoever, struggling with a name, I always know it's my turn! The best thing, though, has been choosing a user name for social media accounts because I can always just use my name... until a few years ago that is. I was setting up a MySpace account ('member them?).  I entered my name as the user name and got back a message saying the user name was already taken! Wait, what??? Can you imagine?! MySpace gave me a few alternate choices. 'Why should I have to add anything to my name,' I thought, 'it's my name!' Needless to say I was stunned for a minute because this had never happened before. Was there another Isunji out there somewhere? I got over myself, chose an alternate name, and kept it moving, nevertheless I had to know who this person was. Long story short, her actual name wasn't Isunji. She chose it as a username because she heard it in a movie! She couldn't remember what movie that was, but I thought it was interesting. True story.

Have yourself a great week!