Some Earth Wind & Fire Memories


We lost a real music icon the other day. Mr. Maurice White and Earth, Wind & Fire are part of the American soundtrack. I've been an EWF fan ever since I can remember. As the local radio stations paid tribute to the man who founded this prolific group, I was amazed at the way almost every song brought to mind specific periods of my life. There are many such memories, but two in particular stood out for whatever reason.

The first one happened when I was about 11. I think it was a Friday night. My parents had gone out for the evening and, in a rare move, they let my best friend and her brother come over to hang out with my sister and me in their absence. It was our chance to show them we could handle the responsibility... What had happened was that it was also the night EWF was debuting the video for Let's Groove. Don't ask me how it happened because to this day I'm not entirely sure. I remember a Soul Train line,dancing and singing at the top of our lungs all around the living room like crazy people. When the video ended we turned the stereo on, found it on the radio and kept dancing and singing. I came to myself just in time to see my parents' headlights pulling into the driveway. I looked around and the living room looked like a war zone! EVERYTHING was out of place; even the sofa cushions!! Again, I'm not sure how, but the four of us did the fastest clean up known to man. By the time my parents were turning the key in the lock, we had turned the television off, turned the radio to a classical music station and we were sitting around 'discussing current events...' They didn't seem to notice the beads of sweat on our foreheads and apparently our heartbeats were only loud in our own ears. Kids 1, Parents 0! Moral of the story: Beware: EWF will make you lose your mind!

The second memory involves my very first "ship," and this was long before shipping was even a thing! Look at me being all progressive and stuff! So anyway, I was a HUGE fan of the show WKRP in Cincinnati. I loved the idea of Bailey Quarters and Johnny Fever as a couple. In one episode it looked like it was finally going to happen for them but then he ends up standing her up. It was so sad. Just when I thought it couldn't get any sadder, they started playing After The Love Is Gone in the background. I was undone! I guess you could say that was my first experience with 'angst.' I think of that scene every time I hear that song, and I smile. Thank you, Mr. White, for the memories and for the part you played in the soundtrack of my life. You are missed. Our loss is heaven's groove - no doubt!