Why I Will Be Watching The Oscars

the oscars.jpg

OK, so I acknowledge that I'm just in a different space when it comes to many controversial issues. The upcoming Oscars are no exception. I know I'm opening myself up to some potential backlash, but I'm ready for it! Let me state that it's not my intent to trivialize the valid points being made about the lack of diversity in the entertainment industry particularly when it comes to bestowing awards. I'm not blind and I don't live in a vacuum. I'm well aware that institutional racism is alive and well on many different levels, and I'm not okay with that. I respect the decision some have made to boycott. That being said, boycotting "mainstream" awards is not the answer for me, and here's why.

As an aspiring screenwriter I want to keep the vision of what I'm aiming for in front of me. The bottom line is the people receiving the awards for best screenplay, outstanding writing in a blah blah series, etc. represent what I ultimately aspire to. Regardless of whether they look like me or not, they are me when it comes to our shared craft. I'm a firm believer that keeping a visual of what you want before you is a great motivator. I get a rush seeing a nominee find out he or she is the winner! I pay attention to the speeches. I look for what works and what doesn't, and make mental notes because I plan on being up there myself one day! Now before you slam me too hard, I feel this way about the ALL the television, film, and theatre award shows. What can I say? They fascinate and inspire and motivate me in ways I can't adequately describe, and in some crazy way I feel like watching them is a preparation of sorts.

Another reason I watch is because it lets me know what's out there; what stories are resonating with audiences. Life being what it is right now, I don't get to the movies as often as I would like to. I can't watch every television show or attend every play. The award shows help me compile a watch list of stories I can learn from. I want my stories to resonate with audiences as well, all audiences.

So there you have it. I'd say more, but the SAG Awards are on so...