The 'Sporadic' Writer


spo·rad·ic adjective spə-ˈra-dik: happening often but not regularly : not constant or steady


For someone who thrives on using the written word to paint pictures, I'm at a loss to accurately describe how terribly disorganized I have been over the past several months. I have barely been able to get through the regular demands of each day let alone find time to write. It has been such a source of frustration for me, and another something to pile onto the plate of stress I've been eating from of late. The old me would have beat myself up over it and revoked my "I am a writer" card, but in the midst of chaos there has been growth. I'm learning not to judge myself for falling short of my own standard of perfection. I know from experience that kind of thinking leads to a bad place where you find yourself stuck in the quicksand of past mistakes; unable to move forward. Instead, I am choosing to focus on each moment, and do my best and my best seems to be sporadic. For the first time, I can say I'm okay with that.

The moral of the story is: Quit striving for some arbitrary standard of perfection. Instead, do what you can and be happy/proud of that  because it's still progress.