Happy Birthday Daddy!

Ribbet collage I must say this month has been unexpectedly rough. A couple weeks ago I spent the third Father's Day without my dad, and now today would have been his eighty.... you know no one  really knows how old he was! It was kind of a family running joke because everyone had a different number in mind and everyone was positive theirs was the right one.

I'm not sure why this year has been so difficult. Isn't this supposed to get easier with time? My guess is that because I had so many milestones this year it made Daddy's absence more pronounced - getting my diploma, my graduation ceremony (which he really encouraged me to achieve), publishing my first book... All bittersweet moments because my dad wasn't there.

Even so, it has been easier in some ways because of all the happy memories that remain as well as the sense of his presence and watchful eye every now and again. I don't mean like a ghost or a spirit or anything like that, but more like an assurance that I'm on the right track and things will be just fine. I imagine him as a member of my cloud of witnesses cheering me on; encouraging me to keep going, and that's fine by me.

So today I want to honor one of the finest men I've ever known. I can only imagine the shindig that's going down in Heaven today - Happy Birthday Daddy!