Rambling on a Sunday Afternoon...

quillDays like this make me feel like a fraud.. Someone walked up to me after church today and asked how the writing was going. I smiled and said, "Fine," like I always do - great I'm a fraud AND I lied in church!! What I wanted to say was, "Writing? What writing?? I haven't written anything aside from the occasional grocery list in MONTHS.

It's really quite ridiculous. I mean I just published a book in February. You would think I would have stories, blog posts, and ideas coming out of my ears... and the ideas are there, but the action; the putting pen to paper - not so much... And I'm not sure why.

All the best writers tell us we should write something every day even when we don't feel like it... I guess that makes me the "Antiwriter" because I always seem to wait for inspiration to strike or to feel motivated and if it doesn't, I just don't write. It's so shameful, and on days like today when I call myself a writer I feel like the man behind the curtain in The Wizard of Oz.

Of course this is all grossly exaggerated, because that's what we writers do. The bottom line is that I really need to start writing consistently so that I'm not forced to lie in church or to live in fear that someone may discover I'm not really a wizard after all!