Eleven days in and already 2013 has stretched me. After five years of hemming and hawing, I finally took that last step and submitted my manuscript to a publisher for consideration...

It's funny because that was the ultimate purpose for writing this book in the first place... wasn't it? Yet I dragged my feet. As I sat there with my trembling finger poised over the submit button my mind took me back to that day when I put a period on the last sentence. I remember feeling so accomplished because I finally finished something. In the years that followed I did a lot of research about the publishing process. To be honest, I had all the information I needed to get it done within a few weeks yet I procrastinated. Why?

In a word it was FEAR... The closer I got to realizing my dream, the more fear gripped me and wouldn't let go. I started second guessing every word and questioning whether writing was truly my calling. I was waging an internal battle. I made slow progress - I had the manuscript professionally edited... twice, I had the cover designed, I purchased my ISBN numbers - all very important steps.

I'm not sure what is different about this year, but somehow my desire overcame my fear and I had to take that last step and submit it for publication. After five years of  worry, fear, self doubt and procrastination, I took a couple deep breaths,  hit "submit" and waited. It only took two days to get a reply. I am pleased to announce that Faith Lifts has been ACCEPTED FOR PUBLICATION!!!! Woo Hoo!!!! I am beyond excited!

So the purpose of this post is twofold:: One - I want to chronicle this experience so that next time I find myself in this place, I have something to draw from; and Two - I hope that my story can inspire someone else to move forward toward their own dream. It is, after all, about living the life we were born to live; the life we see in our dreams. It's the most terrifyingly fulfilling journey any of us can ever take!! Oh but what a ride!