Don't Go Speed Your Time Away

     As long as I can remember I've had a bad habit of wishing I was somewhere other than where I was at that moment. When I was little I wished I was big, when I was with family I wished I was with friends... I've since stopped doing it - maybe because I'm older now. Well, I've stopped in all but one area. I still find myself wishing I was somewhere writing while I'm at work! Horrible I know, but it's the truth.

     Don't get me wrong, I actually like what I do, but is it my passion? Not hardly! I normally do a pretty good job at staying focused and being productive, but every once in a while my mind wanders to that teenage fantasy of sitting at my desk or kitchen table in a sweatshirt, leggings and slouch socks (Ooh, I may have just dated myself!) cranking out my latest book or an article on my laptop while the cat naps peacefully at my feet... Never mind  that I don't own a cat!

     The fact is this: by the time I get home after 9 hours of pouring into someone else's dream, fighting through and hour and fifteen minute commute one way, dropping off and picking up, I'm shot! I don't feel like looking at a computer. I don't feel creative in the least. The weekends come and go before I get settled in good... It's quite a quandary it is.

     The reality is that not working is not an option for me right now. Not only does it lack wisdom at this stage in my life, but it would surely have me, my laptop, AND my imaginary cat out on the street!! So, my plan is to keep working and to make time, even if it's once a week, to WRITE; to use those rare 'spare' moments to WRITE; to look for outside opportunities to showcase my writing until the writing becomes my main source of income. I'm still ironing out what that's going to look like exactly, but it's not like I haven't got the time. Hey, and in the mean time, I may just get a cat before it's all said and done!

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