As Of Late


I am taking a moment to participate in my sweet friend Critty Joy's meme. You should join the fun!


  • As of late, I am becoming more and more like the me I once knew... and I like it very much. 
  • As of late, I have stopped allowing myself to be swept away by and distracted by what others are doing
  • As of late, I have pushed through things that I never thought I could and found inner strength there.
  • As of late, I have seen results for my efforts - hard work really does pay off.
  • As of late, I have taken a step closer to my dream - talk about scary yet thrilling.
  • As of late, I have started reading again - how I missed it!
  • As of late, I find myself smiling and laughing quite a bit. In fact, I'm smiling right now. :o)
  • As of late, I have been listening more and talking less and it has been fascinating. 
That was fun! Your turn now... you know you want to! ;o)\
Have a FAB day beloved.