Sometimes You Just Have To WAIT

It had been a long day and I wanted nothing more than to get home, change out of my work clothes, put on my slippers and veg on the couch for a while. I was tired, bone tired, and the overcast skies only made it worse. Finally after what seemed like the longest commute in the history of man, I was minutes from home. I raced through the last light [ok perhaps "race" isn't the best choice of words... I was doing the speed limit!] and I was already envisioning myself pulling into my parking spot when I saw red; as in the taillights of several cars ahead of me. I groaned at the prospect of being so close and yet so far. I may or may not have wished for a second that I was Jeannie and I could blink myself there! What was the hold up? As  I got closer, I saw the cause of the delay. A family of geese was making it's way across the road... slowly... one-by one. Not only is it inhumane to hit them, but in my town it's against the law and carries a hefty fine from what I've heard. So we, the weary, worn commuters, would just have to wait...

Here is the place where I wish I could say that this was a teaching moment that God used to speak to me about waiting... That's not exactly what  happened. Instead I gripped the steering wheel, and groaned and sighed loudly as the geese passed by... slowly... one-by-one [oh wait, I said that already didn't I?]. I may have even had a small 'attitude' about it. [don't judge me!]

Later in the week, I remembered the scene. I thought about how regardless of where any of us were going or how badly we wanted to get there, we just had to wait. I also remembered when I was a child and I wanted something so urgently and my mother would reply, "I know, but you just have to wait." I hated that answer, but there was nothing else I could do. Now all these years later, nothing has changed. As a child of God, there are still things I want so badly and so urgently, but God seems to be saying that for now I just have to wait.

Being the 'word nerd' that I am, I had to look up the word wait.  I was struck to find out that waiting is a more active process than I realized. The definition speaks of expectancy, availability and readiness which are all active states. One of the definitions says, "to remain temporarily neglected or unrealized." What a relief that was to know that what I am experiencing - the waiting - is temporary. Just like those geese eventually reached the other side of the road and we were able to go on with our evenings, what I am waiting for is only temporarily delayed.

Are you waiting for something? Are you expecting? Are you ready and available for when it arrives? Please know that this waiting period is only temporary. Don't let it trip you up or frustrate you. Don't allow it to cause you to try to make it happen yourself [that is exhausting and it never works... believe me, I know!] I wish I had different news today, but the reality is... sometimes you just have to wait. Take heart though because the waiting period is not permanent. The geese will get to the other side and you will move forward and get where you're going - guaranteed!

Be encouraged and have a wonderful day, beloved.