As Of Late [July 21, 2011]


As of late I have been rediscovering how to rest, relax, and enjoy myself. Things I forgot while I was riding myself so hard...

As of late I have been laughing, really laughing... A LOT . It really is the best medicine!

As of late I have begun moving toward a specific change that I have wanted to see in my life for years. Stay tuned...

As of late I have started to drop back in to places and things that I dropped out of. It's so good to be back.

As of late I feel the need for more/better organization in my life. The show Hoarders has made me terrified of clutter!

As of late I am focusing on being present and determining the purpose in my moments - sure beats just existing.

As of late I have started cultivating a growing appreciation for the people in my life and the impact that each them is having on me.

As of late, I find myself looking forward to this meme. ;o)

Happy Thursday everyone!