You Are Not Forgotten

Hey there! I hope summer finds each of you enjoying some of your favorite activities with some of your favorite people.

In my case, I have taken a break from school and from the social networking scene for a bit. I needed to decompress, get quiet, and deal with some things.

Among other things, I am using this break time to reconnect with God, my family and friends and myself.... After only a few days so much has already surfaced. I am truly being purged and pruned, and, while it has been painful, it is a sweet pain.

One thing that surfaced is a sense of being forgotten. For reasons that I won't elaborate on now, I have felt forgotten by God. I suppose it has been there for a while buried under the busyness of life I used to avoid dealing with it. Once I was still and quiet enough to listen, God began to show me what is really in my heart...

This morning on the way to work He reminded me how much He loves me. Over and over again like someone Who wanted to make absolutely sure I got the message. His presence was with me all day long in a very real, almost tangible way. Then just now as I was going through some music, he reminded me of an Israel Houghton song he used to minister to me in this very area years ago. It stayed on "repeat" in my car for months and months. The words spoke directly to my heart:

"You are not just a face in the crowd
You are not a forgotten child
Let me whisper it loud
I love you... Oh I love you
You can hold your head up high cause I’ll make everything alright
I’m committed to you smiling again yeah
And eventually you see people similarities
Everyone just needs a friend
And when they’re crying for help
You’ll be able to tell …them
Please tell them for Me
You are not forgotten." (I. Houghton)

For you who may be feeling forgotten even as you read this, I know just how you feel, I do. The good news is that our feelings don't change the truth. The truth is no matter how we feel, or what our circumstances may look like, God has given His word that He will NEVER leave or forsake us! So even as we feel forgotten in certain areas of our lives God assures us that we are NOT forgotten. Beloved, God has not forgotten us no matter what. Hang on to that word with me and we will make it through this season together. Know that I am here praying you through and you are not forgotten....