The Last Day...

“But he knows the way that I take; when he has tested me, I will come forth as gold.” (Job 23:10 – NIV)

       No, this is not a post about the end of the world! I just had a moment. You know one of those moments where you are in the middle of doing something you always do and it hits you that this is the last day you will be doing that thing? I call them “last day” moments, and I try to remember to record them so I can always look back and say May 24, 2011 was the last day I did {blank} Today it’s soda, of all things! I went to grab lunch at Subway and picked up a grape soda to go with my meal. I was sipping some just now when I suddenly “knew” today, is the last day I will drink soda.

       I know this is rather random, but it got me thinking about how every change or move I have made in my life began with a last day moment. The day after I got home from my trip to Pennsylvania, I knew I was experiencing my last days in Maryland. Likewise, the day it was time to move back, I knew. When I kissed my Daddy goodnight on September 14, 2010, I knew that would be that last day I’d see him - on this side. (Oh the joy of not having to grieve as those without hope!) My point is that there is always a moment before a change comes where the Holy Spirit lets me know that the previous season has come to an end.

       I mention this as I take the summer break to concentrate on implementing some much needed change in my life. I need a major overhaul spiritually, mentally and physically. In the process, I look forward to many more “last days” as I shed things that I no longer need and pick up things that I’ve let slip. I am excited about this journey and I am listening for God’s direction.

       How about you? Have you have had, or are you having, a “last day” moment in any area of your life? If so I’d love to hear about it. We can encourage and pray one another through. In the mean time, keep flowing with the process.