Love is a Verb

I love.
You love
He/She loves
They love

We love

Love is a verb

Today would have been my sister Sandra's 39th birthday. I still miss her presenence, her love, and her laughter everyday, but I am encouraged by two things.

I'm encouraged first because Sandra knew the Lord and she is with Him now. I'm encouraged because I know we will see one another again. I'm encouraged because of our shared faith.

I'm also encouraged because I am positive that Sandra left here knowing how much I loved her. In any and every way I knew how I made sure she knew it, saw it, felt it. I know she knew and understood that I loved her. It made her passing a little easier to deal with knowing that there were no regrets or ill feelings between us.

It seems only fitting that the best way to honor Sandra today is to encourage love. So I encourage you today to reach out to those you love. Show them, tell them, make sure they know how you feel. Don't worry so much about their reaction, just go for it. I guarantee it will do them (and you) a world of good! I'll start... I LOVE YOU!!! See, you're smiling aren't you? Mission accomplished.

Here's one of my favorite songs to give you an extra nudge.

Blessings to you!