Caffeinated Randomness

Random is a perfect word for the day I'm having, so I decided to participate in Andrea's Caffeinated Randomness today... so here are the things on my mind to day in no particular order... in other words... random. :o)

1. I'm wondering how the cleaning crew keeps managing to miss the HUGE WINGED cockroach in the basement on the way to the elevator... I'm just saying, he's been there since TUESDAY!!! You mean to tell me NOBODY else sees that??? Now I get what my mom was talking about.... It's just as well because it seems I'm becoming her! LOL! {As I thought about it a little more, I'm thinking since he's dead, he's not a priority clean up... yeah that's got to be it.}
2. I'm wondering why people always feel the need to explain themselves to me. Do I give off that vibe like you're in trouble or something? Do I make that face - you know the one your mom made that made you spill your guts in spite of yourself? Because I truly don't mean to. Perfect example - I walk into the ladies room the other day and there is a woman just inside the door wiping off her legs with a paper towel. Whatever, I just want to get around her so I can use the facilities, but she stops me to explain that she rides her bike in to work and the dust from the trail sticks to her legs... Um, okayyy - can I go in the stall now??? These kinds of things happen to me all the time, so I'm trying not to make eye contact with people anymore. I'll let you know how it works.
3. I'm wondering if I'm going to be able to maintain my composure at my nephew's first football game or if I will run onto the field and go after someone else's kid for tackling my baby so hard. What can I say, in my mind he will always be that little bitty baby I woke up with in the middle of the night, held in my arms, fed and burped, talked to, and prayed over... When he got tubes put in his ears, I cried right along with him... On second thought maybe I'll stay home on game days...
4. Talking with some elementary school friends this past weekend and I'm trying to figure out when we went from being embarrassed about our parents to being the ones our kids are embarrassed about! I mean what changed? We are still the cool people we always were...aren't we???Why can't they see it? As Florie said - at least she showed up at the school dressed. Her mom used to show up for her in rollers, pajamas and slippers!!!
5. And last but not least, I'm having trouble understanding why the ladies room, that is so nice and neat every morning, always winds up looking like the scene of a Civil War re-enactment by 4:00 every day. I mean what exactly goes on in there - the daily paper towel championships?? (More importantly, why am I never invited? I have a great right arm...) It reminds me of that time in elementary school when I accidentally walked into the boys bathroom, looked up, and saw the wads of tp they had thrown into the ceiling. It was like stucco, only not!
Well, I'm afraid that's all I have time for today. I hope you have enjoyed your trip into the inner recesses of my mind. Thanks for stopping by and rest assured that no brain cells were injured in the making of this post... not seriously anyway!  Happy Weekend All. :o)

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