Waiting by Margaret Warfield
(used with permission)

I keep trying to move in a particular direction career-wise, but every time I do, something always stops me. The move makes sense, it is logical, even desirable; but there’s a knowing in me that it is not the will of God for me – at least not right now. So the order of the day is to stay put.

In the mean time, I like where I am and what I’m doing, but there is a familiar restlessness brewing just below the surface. This “antsy” feeling always stirs before God brings any major change in my life. It happened when I picked up and moved from Maryland to Pennsylvania back in 1998. It happened when I moved back. It happened when I registered for school last May to finally finish my bachelor’s degree. It is happening now as I hear the whispers about graduate school that I’m not so ready to hear yet! So I know the feeling well.

I know the drill, so to speak. So now I am in listening mode; spending time in silence and in prayer And I am waiting… Waiting for God to say something, show me something, lead me somewhere, bring someone my way... I’m expecting. Without a doubt my Christian journey has been a great adventure and I am looking forward to where this next chapter leads me, but sometimes the waiting can be brutal!

Do you find yourself in “waiting” mode today? Are you tempted to take action, any action, just to feel like you are moving forward? Can I suggest to you that even in our waiting we are moving forward. As we open ourselves to hear from God concerning our lives, and to obey what we hear, we are indeed moving forward. It may not feel like it, but we are.

That antsy feeling can be powerful, but we can’t allow it to move us before it is time for us to move. Margaret Warfield, the artist who created the painting above, said it best, “There is a season for all things, including a season to wait. Cherish your wait time and learn from it.” This is my prayer for those of us who find ourselves waiting. Blessings to you today!