Revelation on Ice...

One of the many things I love about God is the fact that He is a teacher. Not only that, but He uses anything and everything to illustrate His point. As a visual learner, I appreciate this type of teaching most. You can tell me all day long and eventually I will get it, but show me, I’ve got it instantly. I had one of those life lessons over the past few days.

I have suffered from severe and chronic anemia for all of my adult life. At one point my levels were so low I had to get a transfusion (Can you say first and LAST time!). Yeah, from then on I got serious about taking my iron supplements regularly and anything else the doctors recommended. One of the symptoms of my deficiency was an insatiable craving for ice of all things. I was always chewing on ice - and I mean always. I would buy Super Big Gulp cups at regular price and fill them with ice and chew 2 - 3 cups a day. I would ask for to-go cups filled with ice whenever I went to a restaurant. It was bad. I was like a drug addict. I had this habit for years and never put two-and-two together.

Once I started taking my iron daily and eating more iron rich foods, the habit I had been helpless to break for years disappeared in a matter of weeks. The desire that used to consume me simply vanished, as though it never even existed. I was amazed at the sense of freedom that I gained from being free of my long time habit. Overtime however, my life grew more hectic and I neglected taking my iron and watching my eating habits. I stopped listening to my body, so I missed warning signs. I dismissed light headedness and pushed through overwhelming fatigue. I should have caught the hint when I willingly selected liver and onions for lunch on several occasions (our bodies crave things for a reason). They eye-opener came when four days ago (and every day since then), I started eating ice again after over three years without it. It’s nowhere near the extreme I was at before and the good news is I know what I need to do.

I share all this because God used my situation to send me a loving warning. The physical realm mirrors the spiritual realm. In this case, my spiritual “ice” is any habit that is not good for me; that robs me spiritually. So, I read the Word and learn what I need do to overcome it - my spiritual “iron pill,” if you will. I put it into practice regularly and what do you know - it works! Over time, or sometimes immediately, the thing that had a hold on me for so long disappears and I am free of it! God’s deliverance makes it as though it never even existed. Over time my confidence gets the better of me and I let the things that led to my deliverance slip. Without fail, that habit creeps right back into my life. The good news is I know what I need to do.

Why not take inventory of your life today? Is there something that you overcame before that has resurfaced? Don’t despair; it happens because we are human after all. The key is to recognize it and then to go back to doing those things that brought you deliverance before and you will surely enjoy freedom again. Don’t beat yourself up or label yourself as hopeless. God always stands with arms open wide, ready to receive us, renew us and refresh us as many times as we need Him to!! Now that's a reason to rejoice right there because your ice chewing days will soon be behind you!