Philippians 4:13!

My but this is going to be a busy week! You may have noticed that I don’t blog daily anymore; sometimes weeks go by in between posts. I apologize for the inconsistency. I blame it on the fact that life has made some demands on me lately that give me much less free time. Sometimes I look at what is ahead of me and wonder if or how I will get it all done. You know those times when you’re reading a familiar passage in the Bible and it suddenly leaps off the page and comes to life in your life? Well that happened to me a few minutes ago.

Work, family, school (a major essay due Saturday by midnight!), a business plan (due by the middle of the week)…and the list goes on. The day was going along just fine and then I shifted my focus to the mountain of obligations that loomed in front of me. Demands for time, attention, organization and discipline… For just a moment I started to listen to the voice that was telling me I would never get it all done; that I had taken on too much and none of it was going to turn out well. I was just about to let myself float down that path when almost immediately another voice spoke up. “Remember, you can do all things through me, I give you the strength.” I snapped out of the funk I was headed into and perked up. (It’s true that the sheep recognize the voice of the Shepherd, and how I LOVE that voice!) His familiar voice continued, “True there is a lot on your plate, but I have put everything you need to accomplish all of it on the inside of you. I have given you the strength to get it all done. Don’t doubt.”

Well, that was all the encouragement I needed this morning, so I’m off to tackle my assignments one at a time and I am confident that I will get it all done, (did you notice that I even got a blog in today?!) that it will be done in excellence and that it will be done on time. Are you facing a mountain today? Are circumstances starting to overwhelm you? Don’t give doubt any place. Remember that you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you. He’ll give you that second wind, that idea for how to accomplish your task, the words for that paper or article, the inspiration to get it done. His word will come to life in your life - I can vouch for that.

Have a blessed and productive Monday!