The God Who Sees Us

This morning’s commute was such a sweet time of communion with the Father. There is no way that I could let the day go buy without recording it. I’m beginning to understand what moved the Old Testament saints to build altars in the places where they encountered God; or why Hagar called Him El-Rohi - the God who sees me. I must admit that with all that has been going on; I haven’t taken advantage of that commute time like I should. Instead I filled that time with music or cell phone chatter; not bad things in and of themselves, but not the best use of the time.

Several months back I remember God saying that He missed hearing my voice. At the time I heard it, but I didn’t “hear” it. (I’m convinced I am the reason Jesus’ was always saying, “those who have an ear, let them hear”…) Years ago I used to sing constantly, where ever I was and especially in my private worship time I would just sing to Him. I remember praying with some friends back then and one of them said that God loved it when I sang to Him. Then one day, I can’t say when or even why, the music stopped. I forgot that word about how God loved hearing from me. The cares of life silenced my song.

This morning, however, I got my song back. I wasn’t even trying. I got in the car and instead of reaching for that radio knob like I always do, I started singing. Just some simple little worship songs, nothing fancy; I had no agenda, just to worship. I was surprised how one song flowed right into another. When I finished I heard God say, “See how easy that was? That’s what I have missed.” I heard Him that time. I mean I really heard Him. From there He began to minister to me about how much He misses us when we don’t spend time with Him. Funny, in all these years, I never bothered to consider God’s feelings in this relationship…

I started to get a sense of what He meant and it was mind blowing to think that with all of the billions of us in the universe clamoring for His attention, he actually notices us when we don’t come to Him, and He misses us!!! Actually, the picture I was how it is when you are looking for a radio station and you finally find one that is playing just the song you wanted to hear. That sigh of satisfaction that follows… yeah, that’s what God feels when He hears from us. Isn’t that something?

I can hardly get my brain around the concept of being MISSED by the Creator of the universe. What in the world??? Being the word geek that I am, the first thing I did when I got to my desk was look up the word miss. It’s a verb and it means, “to discover or feel the absence of.” Wow! So when I don’t make time to meet with God He discovers and FEELS my absence. (Am I the only one who feels like screaming right now???!) . How great is that in a world where so many of us wonder if we are noticed? God says, “I notice you.” How encouraging is it to know that your presence (or the lack thereof) matters when we wonder whether anyone would miss us if we just decided not to show up? God says, “I miss you.”
What an awesome picture of love. How amazing it is to serve and love a God who wants to be with us even more than we want to be with Him. Unlike the college professor who doesn’t notice whether we show up for lecture or not God knows and He misses us when we are absent and He waits expectantly to hear from us.

Be encouraged today!