I'm Back!


Ok, I never really announced that I was taking a hiatus or anything, but I sort of did. So much has been going on - most of it good, some of it great, some of it... not so much. The thing is it all seemed to be happening all at once. I don't do well with "all at once" so my natural instinct is to retreat. So I did...

My "mini vacation" kind of reminded me of the story of Elijah in I Kings 19. Elijah had just witnessed God's power in a mighty way as all the prophets of Baal were killed. Right after that Elijah received a death threat that causes him to run for his life. He finds himself under a tree praying for death. God meets him there and asks him what he is doing there... Elijah tells God his tale and continues to sit under the tree. He finally manages to fall asleep and is later awakened by an angel who gives him food and water and then tells him to journey on.

40 days later, Elijah finds himself on Mt. Horeb (a.k.a. the Mountain of God). He finds a cave and goes back to sleep. Again God meets him there and asks him what he is doing there. (Hello... didn't we just have this conversation?) Elijah (who is very different from me) tells God his tale again. This time God calls Elijah out of the cave so He can talk to him. Elijah obeys and heads out to the agreed upon spot waiting to hear the voice of God. While he's sitting there there is a wind storm, but no word from God. Then comes an earthquake, but still no word... Finally there's a fire, but God isn't in the fire either. Again Elijah and I are very different because if it was me, I'd assume I'd missed God or something! Elijah waits and finally there is a still small voice. Then God does something unexpected - He gives Elijah his next assignment!

That's kind of what happened to me - well sort of... I was overwhelmed by everything that was happening in my life, good and bad. I just felt like I needed a break from it all; you know, to get my head together and stuff. God granted me that time, just like he did for Elijah. And then, when He decided I'd rested enough He started doling out assignments! Pray for this one, call this one, enroll for school, write this, accept this appointment, work with these people... It made my head spin, but it let me know that regardless of what I think, God can always use me. When I think I have nothing to offer anyone, that is the very time He sends someone my way who needs something. I love it because it keeps me humble knowing that it has NOTHING WHATSOEVER to do with me!

All that being said, while I can't promise that I will blog everyday, I will definitely be here more often. I thank God for the time to refuel, refocus, and return! I highly recommend taking a moment when you need it to allow God to refresh your spirit - and don't worry, He will put you back in the game sooner than you think!

Blessings to you!