My 100th Post!

I can't tell you how I have avoided this... my 100th post. Since I started, I've seen people do some very creative things to mark their 100th post - giveaways, contests, 100 random facts about themselves. As for me, I was drawing a blank... I don't have anything to give away... I don't have enough readership for a contest, and I have trouble thinking of 3 facts about myself let alone 100 that people would want to read! So what did I do - I avoided my blog... until yesterday that is.

Yesterday, I was encouraged and inspired as I watched someone's dream become reality. You see, a very good friend of mine, Tiana Walker, recently published her first book! It's a children's book called "The Princess Looking Back At Me". I recommend it to all of you with young girls in your lives. The book is the first in a series she is working on called My Princess Pals. I am so proud of this young woman who I had the privilege to meet a little over eight years ago. She is what I would describe as a quiet giant. As a matter of fact I remember thinking to myself when I first met her, "Man, she's even quieter than me!" After getting to know her better however, I saw that there is a strength beneath that quietness that few get to see.

Tiana is an amazing young woman who has taken many major leaps of faith that led her to her ultimate goal. She is a devoted wife and mother, a fierce intercessor, a true worshipper and a loyal friend. What better way to celebrate my 100th post that to celebrate my sister-friend and her major accomplishment! Won't you celebrate with me? We are called to rejoice with those who rejoice, right? I encourage you to check her site out when you get a chance and maybe even offer her a word of encouragement.

Tiana - Go you!!! Remember that the best is yet to come! Mwah!