That's Just Common Sense!

The older I get and the more I am "privileged" to see, the more I realize that common sense is not a given. I guess I just assumed that everyone had a degree of common sense and that some things go without saying. Apparently this is not the case…
I just checked my Facebook page and one of my friends had a "public service announcement" as her status stating that the clear tags inside women’s clothing are not straps, they are to hang the garment. Just below it another friend added that the tags on the sleeves of designer wool coats are meant to be removed. At first I laughed - long and hard, but then I started thinking about it.
I began to wonder - do people really NOT know these things??? Then I recalled a conversation I had with a family member just a few days ago where I informed them, apparently for the first time, that it is NOT in fact illegal to remove tags from pillows, mattresses, and comforters once you have purchased them. The police will not bust in and cart you off to jail! Or the time a few months ago when I heard that another family member had been taking antibiotics nestled in a piece of bread (as opposed to taking them with water) praying each time not to accidentally bite the pill. When they were asked why they weren't taking it with water the answer was... are you ready for it??? "because the directions say to take with food" Are ya kidding me???
Am I missing something here? I mean since when do we have to be warned not to eat the little packets of granules inside purses and shoe boxes? It’s frightening to think that a situation came up that made it necessary to write out "do not eat" on those little packets! Or the drive through establishments that need to warn us that the hot coffee we just purchased is hot - umm, well, isn’t that what we ordered?? What has happened to us as a society that we don’t know these things? Were our parents right about the link between excess television and brain function? I’m starting to believe they had a point.
For what it’s worth common sense, it seems, is on life support and in critical condition, and no one knows how to revive it. All I can say is, if this is the wave of the future - Heaven help us all!
Happy Monday All!
P.S. - I went online to find a picture of one of those shoe box packets, and someone had posted a question about whether those packets are harmful for pets!!! Hello??? Well if you can’t eat it what makes you think Rover can??? Oh, I could just cry!