A few days ago I downloaded new wallpaper for my PC at work. I get bored looking at the same thing every day so I change it every month or so, besides I thought it was pretty. It has an pale blue background with two big white daisies with bright centers, kind of grunge meets girlie type thing. What really caught me, however, was the caption. It reads: “Don’t waste your life!” Then under that it says, “I urge you to live a life worthy of the calling that you have received. Ephesians 4:1”

So today as I sat at my desk eating lunch - a habit I really need to break - it was up on my screen. I read it, ate a little, read it again, ate a little… you get the idea. Well, after about the fourth time it’s like the verse opened up to me. I started to see it in a whole new light. This is one of those revelations that made me want to run! It also made me want to cry. I hope this post does it justice…

Paul is urging believers to live up to the call that they have received. I’ve seen that verse all my life, read it more times than I can remember and even skipped over it on my way to other things, but today - it hit home. You know how it is when the Word leaps off the page and takes a seat right next to you? Well, that’s how it was in those few minutes this afternoon. The phrase “that you have received,” hopped off the screen and sat on my desk and spoke to me as I ate lunch.

Here’s what I got - I am always living a life that is worthy of something; some calling and some purpose that I’ve received, whether I’m aware of it or not. The thing is the life I live will only be worthy of the calling I received, so if I received something other than God’s call, the life I’m living will only be worthy of that secondary calling because that’s what I received. If that’s the case then it is of utmost importance that I discover God’s call for our lives and receive it so that the life I’m living will become worthy of my true calling. Confused?

Ok, let’s look at my life as an example. I know what God called me to do and to be. If I’m honest I’ve always known. Even so I ran from it. I didn’t receive it. Receiving meant being different when all I wanted was to blend in and be like everybody else. It meant standing alone sometimes when I wanted more than anything to belong. So I rejected God’s call and instead received mediocrity. As a result the life I was living was only worthy of the call of mediocrity that I received. Instead of being content like I thought I would, I was often restless and dissatisfied and I didn’t know why.

Finally, I began to receive God’s call and for every area of that call I accepted, I saw change in the corresponding area of my life. So when I accepted his call to minister through writing, for example, I saw my life take a different turn. I started to share my words with other people, I attended writers groups and was accepted to a major writer’s conference. In the life I was living previously, I never would have shared my words with another living soul and I’d still be living a life worthy of that calling that I received.

So I’m finding that receiving is a process for me. I don’t do my best with too many things happening at once and God knows that - after all He made me that way. So I find that I’m constantly receiving another part of God’s calling and seeing my life change accordingly.

I encourage you to examine your own life and take note of the call you have received - husband/wife, father/mother, doctor, school bus driver, minister… whatever God has called you to do. Then take care to make sure the life you’ve been living is worthy. Personally, I found several areas for improvement in my own life just this afternoon. What do you say we get out there and live worthy! Oh, is that your phone?

Oh and just for kicks, I looked up the definition for receive since that’s the word that jumped out at me most. Here it is for any fellow word geeks out there: Receive: to come into possession of; to act as a receptacle or container for; to assimilate through the mind or senses; to permit to enter; to accept as authoritative, true, or accurate; to support the weight or pressure of; to take a mark or impression from the weight of something. (www.m-w.com)

Happy Tuesday all!