The Right Response

A dear friend recently announced a major change she is making in her life. Although I knew it was coming, today made is seem so... final. Even as I know it is God's working in her life, it's still hard, as is any change.

In an instant I went through a range of emotions and questions. You know, wondering how our friendship will be affected, whether we'll still get together from time to time, or whether she'll get swept up by the newness and it will just never be the same again... the whole nine.

Seeing her message in black and white was like hearing it for the first time and I found myself at a loss for words... I actually didn't know how to respond. Then I remembered...

In 1987 a really good friend from the college Christian group I belonged to announced that after graduation she was moving out of the country to be a full time missionary. She was such an integral part of all of our lives the news was like a punch in the stomach. Even so, it was clear that this was God's plan for her. She was at a loss for how to say goodbye and then she played a song for us that expressed how she felt. It seems appropriate to play that song again. It says everything I can't right now for fear of ruining my well applied eye makeup! (you know I had to throw a joke in there! Winky)

Love you!