Small Changes, Big Results

I was all set for water aerobics this morning until I remembered that there is no class on last Saturdays of the month.. Posting to my blog seemed like the next logical alternative.

It's hard to believe, but it's been over a month since I started water aerobics. It all started with my pantsuit debacle and I've been going strong ever since. When I made the decision that I needed to make a change and find what works best for me, something I could stick with, water aerobics presented itself. Life is funny like that; as though it's just waiting on us to get in the right position in order for it to release the opportunities we have been needing or wanting.

I remember telling people that I was starting to exercise regularly. Everyone was really happy that I was making that change. Some came up with lists of other things that I should change as well. If I haven't learned anything at all about myself in the past *cough, cough* years it's that extreme changes do not work for me. If it's something that I want to incorporate into my life for good, then small, consistent changes are the way to go.

So, for the first month it was adding exercise, which is a HUGE deal for me because other than walking from my office to the bathroom, or from the car to the house, I wasn't getting any. In fact if you looked in the dictionary under the word sedentary, I was the face smiling back at you! Now I've added the exercise, my next goal was to go back to drinking only, or mostly, water. I did this once and the weight fell off like crazy, but somehow all the juice and soda found it's way back to me. So far the transition is going well.

The thing is, I'm also learning that it's a trade off. Making small changes one and a time like this causes results to come a little slower and not everyone is ok with that. I have to admit that when I got on the scale a couple weeks ago and the needle hadn't moved I was a bit disappointed. The fact that I had to moved to the next notch on my belt and that a t-shirt I bought that once fit like second skin is very loose now. Combine that with soreness in places I never knew were muscles and increased energy, I'd say these small changes have resulted in some pretty big results!

I'm expecting my next update to be even better! Happy Saturday all!!