Stepping Out On Faith

There is a scene in the 3rd Indiana Jones movie "The Last Crusade" where Harriso... I mean Indy has to cross a wide cavern only there's no bridge... at least not a visible one. Not crossing is not an option so he literally steps out onto nothing and solid ground appears under his feet. With each step he took more ground would appear under his feet. As I sat there fascinated by the concept, I didn't fail to notice a few things: First, the ground only appeared where he stepped; Second, there was nothing to indicate there would be any ground to meet him when he took the next step, he only had the ground behind him to fuel his faith; and Third, each step was an act of trust on his part that the ground would be there. It was great stuff!

That was 1989, but I have never forgotten that scene. In fact, I have had many occasions to apply those principles in my own life. Like the time I applied for the Hurston-Wright Writer's week with no money and 25 pages of a novel. Boy, was that ever a step of faith for me. I took that step and not only was I accepted, but the money literally appeared (a check in the mail - no lie) just in time! To date, it was one of the best experiences of my writing life, but had I never taken the step... I would never have known.

Then there was my move from Maryland to Pennsylvania with no job, no place to live, and no transportation. Even so, I knew this was something I was supposed to do so I took that step. I was able to stay with a family friend (the only person I knew there), I got a job within a month and a virtual stranger who lived near me and worked in the same department offered to take me to and from work until I got settled! Three months later, I had an apartment, a job and the car soon followed! Again something I wouldn't have experienced if I had not taken a step.

With such strong examples behind me, you would think launching a professional blog would be no big deal... not so! I hesitated about this for months. Those who write can relate to the anxiety that comes with sharing your writing with the world. For me it's akin to someone stripping me naked and forcing me to walk down Pennsylvania Avenue during rush hour! (I'm shuddering at that thought and you should be too!) Yes, it is just that intense. The doubts assault my mind like machine gun fire... What do I have to say that anyone wants to hear? Am I really a writer or should I keep my day job? What if no one "gets" it? On and on the doubts danced in time to the haunting chants of "what ifs" swirling through my brain.

At some point, however... actually at this very point in time, I make a decision to take a step of faith. I can't wait to see what kind of ground shows up under my feet!