Lie To Me

From writer Samuel Baum (The Evidence) and the executive producers of 24 and Arrested Development comes Lie to Me, a drama series inspired by a real-life specialist who can read clues embedded in the human face, body, and voice to expose the truth in criminal investigations.

When you scratch your chin, wring your hands, wrinkle your nose, or swallow too much, Dr. Cal Lightman knows you're lying. He doesn't just think so, he knows so, because he's taken his exceptional skills of observation to become the foremost deception expert in the country. Being a human lie detector, Cal can uncover the deepest secrets and crack the hardest cases. More accurate than any polygraph test, he knows when those in front of him are being less than forthcoming, be they family, friends, or complete strangers.

I am a TV-head from way back, but in recent years I'm usually a step behind. For example, by the time I caught wind of some of the great comedies out there, like Reba or My Wife and Kids, they had already been canceled! Tonight however a watched the premier episode of Lie to Me and I was intrigued from start to finish! I have to admit that I am hooked! This is one that I might have to schedule things around... within reason of course. :o)

Not only do I appreciate the premise of the show - solving crime by determining if and why people are lying - but the I love the writing and I was immediately vested in all the characters. Can I just tell you that hardly ever happens. I think the last time was when I jumped on the Law & Order SVU bandwagon and that's been on for ages. I think Lie to Me will be around for a while too - at least I'm hoping it will. If you didn't catch it last night, and you're so inclined, you can catch it on Fox on Demand. I'd love to know if anyone else liked it as much as I did.

There is one thing though... and this is where I need your help... I have the tendency to go overboard with these things sometimes. Next thing you know I'll be looking at everyone with suspicion. I will start wondering things like - did he look up and to the right or down and to the left? Was that a smirk or a smile? Are her pupils dilated? If I'm not careful, before long I may start thinking everyone is lying about everything! Okay, maybe that's a slight exaggeration but you can see how this could get out of hand don't you? So now you know how to pray right?

Anyway, that's my small moment of glee for today. I'm telling you, check it out. You won't be sorry.

Happy Thursday all!