That Doesn't "Suit" Me At All

I wasn't sure if I was going to share this or not, but decided to go for it. Actually, I've been trying to write this post for days now. Seven days to be exact. Today marks exactly 7 days since (gulp)... the incident.

It all started with this absolutely FABULOUS Jones of New York black pinstripe pantsuit that I got this summer for a steal. As if the major sale wasn't good enough, I had to get a size smaller than usual and it was still a bit too big! Is that as close as you get to perfection this side of Heaven or what???!

I can't tell you the number of times I opened the closet just to look at it, anticipating just the right occasion to wear it. I had to have the pants altered because, at 5'2" and 3/4... finding pants that aren't too long is a challenge. Other than that however, I hadn't found an occasion special enough to break it out.

Then it came. The invite to a meeting with the new Director of the office I contract for. This was it! Time to break out "the suit." I could hardly contain myself as I waited for the date to arrive. I envisioned all the possible combinations of how to wear the suit and came up with the perfect one.

Thursday, I got up, donned my suit and noticed that I had to suck it in to fasten the pants... I mean I was nearly sweating by the time I got them closed! "Not to worry," I thought to myself, "they'll loosen up as the day goes by." I draped the jacket over my arm and headed for the car (mustn't be late!).

I got to the office and the pants were still very snug. In fact I was struggling to breathe a little. Hmm... I still hadn't donned the jacket. It came time for the meeting and I slipped the jacket on expecting to look and feel like the lady in the picture above... NOT! The jacket had gotten snug too. In fact I admit that the only reason I didn't write this post the day it happened was because trying to type with the jacket on was cutting off the circulation in my arms till they were numb!

I made it through the meeting and somehow, through the rest of the workday. No, I take that back. At about 2:30 I had to give up the ghost and take the jacket off (even though the office was freezing and I had on short sleeves). I also had to un-tuck my shirt so I could undo the buttons on the pants and let the zipper down just a little. Can you say RELIEF??!!! Can I just say - don't take breathing for granted people!

It was in that precise moment that I snapped out of my denial long enough to pick up the phone and find out if the local pool was offering any classes. Turns out there was a water aerobics class that night! I couldn't sign up fast enough!

So there I was IN A BATHING SUIT (it's Armageddon I tell ya!!! The last days for sure!) jogging, stretching, bending, trying to get control of that blasted noodle thingy, and struggling to stay facing the right way in the deep water. All the while everything on me was jiggling like mad, which I've found really isn't so tragic when it's under water... Even with all that I must say it was a lot of fun. So I went back this past Tuesday and had more fun - in spite of the frigid water. And just in case you're thinking a shallow end class might be easier than a deep end class... think again!

I'm going back tonight and I'm thinking this is something I just might be able to stick with. I love the fact that there's no pressure on my joints (they have enough pressure of their own these days); I like the variety of shapes and sizes in class, some with a longer way to go than me; but most of all I am sold because I can take the class using a swim cap and not only not get my hair wet (which btw is HUGE for African American women - but that's another post for another time!), but it was still cute afterward (big ups for that!)

So that's my story... I'm believing it will be different come this spring and summer. As for the suit - it's retired until further notice. Although I still open the closet door sometimes, just to look at it...sigh.

Happy Thursday!! :o)