Various and Sundry Things

Just a few things that made me go hmmm... recently and one that made me laugh really hard!

  • Ok, so there's this lady that rides my commuter bus. No matter how early I get to the bus stop in the mornings, she is ALWAYS there before me. Somewhere in my mind I've started competing with her for first place in line. Does that mean I have some competition issues that I should look into?
  • One of the things that every mass transit commuter relishes is a seat to yourself. I know I'm not the only one who lives for a near empty bus where I can spread out and enjoy a comfortable ride home. I mean it sure beats being plastered to the window or hanging off in the aisle for an hour and forty-five minutes! So this same lady from bullet point one was sitting in her favorite seat and the bus was filling up quickly. As people were shuffling down the aisle looking for vacant seats, she pulled out a tissue and started blowing her nose. This caused the person who was about to sit with her to change their mind and sit with me instead! Now I'm wondering... was that strategic?
  • One last thing about the woman on the bus... is it a coincidence that she "just happens" to be blowing her nose every time the bus is filling up? 9 times out of 10 she ends up with a seat to herself while the rest of us have to squeeze in with other people... Again I have to wonder. Granted she may be legitimately sick, but c'mon - EVERY day??? These are just some things that make me wonder from time to time...

And now for the funny. My sister was singing Jesus Loves me to my 2-year-old nephew. He was listening attentively to the words and when she finished he looked at her with a puzzled look on his face, no doubt thinking about what he wanted to say. Finally he said, "Mommy, Jesus doesn't love me... He doesn't even know me!!!" How she kept a straight face I'll never know! She started to explain to Him that Jesus does know him and love him, and that Christmas was Jesus' birthday to which he replied, "Hmph! Well, He doesn't know me, but I'm still having some of His cake!" Ah the inner workings of the 2-year-old mind!!!

Merry Christmas all!