Journal Entry for 12/19/08

You know how you get something from God and sometimes you know it's just meant for you, but other times you think just maybe one other person might be blessed by it too? Well this morning I got one of those that I think just might bless someone besides me, so here's a peek at my journal entry... Oh! And the question at the end is not rhetorical. I really do want to hear what God is sharing with you. Happy Friday all!
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ was lead to read John 16… (I always know I’m in for something when God randomly leads me to a specific chapter or verse, especially when it’s in a book I haven’t been reading already) so anyway I read it. It was in the New Living Translation and Jesus was talking to the disciples about what was getting ready to happen to Him. He told them not to be sad because of what He had told them. He explained that it was good for them that He was going because if He didn’t go, then the Advocate (Holy Spirit) couldn’t come! (I just LOVE the word ‘Advocate’ don’t you?) He explained how, among other things, Holy Spirit would convict the world of their sin and the next verse said “The world’s sin is that it refuses to believe in me.”(John 16:9)

Right then the Lord began to speak to me. He showed me that it’s not the things that people do that are sin, although much of it is sinful, but the actual sin is a refusal to believe in Him! The only reason we do the things we do is because we refuse to believe in God. We refuse to believe He never leaves us or forsakes us. Our actions are only a symptom of our true sin – refusal to believe in Him! In an instant that revelation went to work on my heart. I thought about all the times I’ve judged other people for their actions or tried to get them to stop certain behaviors that I labeled sin (and yes they were sinful, behaviors and actions, but they weren’t the true sin). Here I was being judgmental and they couldn’t see Christ because my judgment was blocking Him. Yikes!

I had to repent, first of all for standing in judgment of other people – I mean who am I to judge another man’s servant?! (Rom 14) Second, I felt the pressure about witnessing to others ease up as I realized it’s not my job to deal with anyone’s sinful actions/behaviors. I only need to point them to Christ so that they can believe in Him and the Advocate will take care of the rest. Shew! I don’t know about you, but I spell relief – J-O-B - D-E-S-C-R-I-P-T-I-O-N!!!
Somewhere in the midst of those few moments this morning, I felt a renewed sense of love (agape) and compassion for others growing in my heart. I also felt a restored desire to make Christ known to others so they have an opportunity to believe in Him too. :o)

So what have you been studying, learning, hearing lately?