Rainy Days and Thursdays...

I will admit that I've had my share of road rage-ish episodes... (Especially concerning my latest pet peeve is with the new phenomenon of people not using their turn signals... but that's a totally different blog.) For the most part, though, I'm usually pretty easy going in traffic. I take my time and just don't stress. Not so this morning...

It's raining in the DC Metro area today... For whatever reason that always equals TRAFFIC! It never ceases to amaze me how tiny drops of water have the power to bring rush hour to a screeching halt! I just don't get it. I mean other than slowing it down a bit, things shouldn't really be all that different, should they? That's what I thought too, but appartently that's too much to expect.

So I sat in stop and go (and stoppppppp and goandstop and gooooooo and STOP and go) traffic on the way in to work this morning, which wreaked havoc on my already frayed nerves. In retrospect, this may not have been the right day to decide to drive in to work... but I digress.

Basically what is normally a 45 minute to 1 hour commute took nearly 2 hours! At one point I wanted to get out of my car in the middle of interstate 295, stand on the roof and yell, "Oh for the love of Pete, it's just water people!!! Now get a grip and drive!!!" That's when I realized that I might have more of a road rage issue than I thought.
While all this was happening around me, the book of Matthew was playing on my CD player... I obviously wasn't going anywhere so I started to listen harder. As I shifted my focus from the traffic to the Word I started to feel better. I could feel the tension starting to drain out of me and peace beginning to wash over me instead. The ride didn't go any faster, but my changing attitude made the experience so much better. I am always in awe at the power of the Word of God has and this morning was no exception. What a joy to know that the Word of God truly covers every situtation we face in life - even traffic jams. That's not to say that some of us, myself included, need to look into getting some help for our road rage tendencies... but it's good to know that God's Word covers all!
Stay dry and have a great weekend!