Tagged Again!

Well, I was tagged by kara over at http://karacwak.blogspot.com ... I'm supposed to name 3 things I like about myself... Why is this always such a hard question???

Ok, here goes:

1) I really like my eyes, particularly because of their expressiveness. This backfires on me sometimes when I give that "have you lost your mind?!" look, but for the most partI like 'em. Another reason I'm fond of my eyes is that my uncle used to always tell me what beautiful eyes I have so it must be true, right?

2) I don't know about everyone else, but I love, love, love my sense of humor. It's very dry so folks don't always "get" me, but I love the fact that people have to think twice about whether I'm being serious or not... Woo that's funny to me!!! I don't know why that's so humorous - it just is! Laughter really is the best medicine!

3) The last thing is more of a character trait than a physical one, and that is my optimism. It helps me encourage others and myself and it's great to be able to find a bright side in just about every situation. Of course it can earn you nicknames like... oh... POLLYANNA, but so what! There are worse things I could be called, right?

There are other things, but I've done my three so I'm tagging... http://teacupsandtime.blogspot.com, http://sovereignspirit.blogspot.com, and http://ledatta.blogspot.com.

Have fun! :o)