Talking Donkeys

Remember that scene in The Color Purple where Shug Avery literally walks off the juke joint stage and back into the church? Woo it makes me a little veclempt just thinking about it... Remember the song that she was singing that drew her there - God Is Trying To Tell You Something? Ok, I'm having that kind of moment RIGHT NOW...

I'm shutting down my work area, getting ready to go home and I decide to go to my MySpace page since I haven't been on there in a while. I open it up and I'm checking out who's sent me what since I last logged on when this huge colorful ad catches my eye... I look to over to the top right of my screen and see the ad above... What does that say?!

Now I'm feeling some kind of way because, I already KNOW I need to work on my weight and I am WELL AWARE of my age thankyouverymuch. Why someone felt the need to put me on blast like that is beyond me! THEN to top it all off - My women's Bible study is doing "Becoming A Vessel God Can Use" and we're on week 8 "Waiting to Hear God's Voice." I literally just got through reading about how God speaks to us in many ways. The author, Donna Partow, uses Balaam's donkey as an example of how God will use the unusual to get our attention...
The very last question I answered was: Are there any 'talking donkeys' (which btw is pronounced 'dunkies' in these parts) in your path? Are you facing difficult or unusual circumstances right now? What might God be trying to tell you? My answer was - Not that I'm aware of... then here comes this ad... I can only imagine what kind of laugh this will get at Bible study tonight. Can you say talking donkey?
Now that I've had a minute to think about it, everyone probably has the same ad on their Myspace, they can easily get your age from your Myspace information and just send a mass email. Even so, the timing and the message are very clear and very specific for me.
I hear what you're saying, Father. I get it. What I need now is the plan... and if you could send that one only to me, that would be great! Amen.
So what's God been trying to tell you? Are there any talking donkeys in your life. If you know what I know, you'll take my advice and listen so He doesn't have to put you on blast too!
Have a good evening all!