Monday Manna

Here is my contribution to Monday Manna hosted by Kristen over at Exemplify. This month Kristen asked us to reflect on a verse from Psalm 139.

Psalm 139:1
"O LORD, you have searched me
and you know me."

I absolutely adore Psalm 139. Always have. No other psalm speaks to the intimate relationship we have with God than this psalm. It covers everything. I find something new every time I read it. Today is no exception as verse one seemed to leap off the page right into my heart.

Ever heard the question posed, "Does anybody really know anybody?" It's usually connected to news about someone we are acquainted who's done something out of character (at least out of the character they presented to us). Maybe as humans, we don't ever really know one another. We're always putting our best foot forward, not wanting to show people the not so good things about us for fear of being rejected.

Personally, I had become quite a master of hiding the less desirable parts of me and only showing the good parts. In fact, I'd gotten so good at it that it was second nature, almost like breathing. I got good at showing people what I thought they wanted to see about me. What I didn't realize was that it had also started slipping into my relationship with God.

I would come to God acting like everything was hunky dory because that's what I thought being a strong woman a faith was all about. Hurtful things would happen and I would swallow the pain and continue to praise God and pretend to have joy. I'd go through the motions all the while knowing I'd never dealt with the pain. Somewhere in my silly human thinking I actually thought I was fooling God into buying my Super Susie Christian act!

Enter verse Psalm 139:1 and it hit me that I wasn't fooling anyone, least of all God! According to this verse, it's impossible to fool God. He has searched me and He knows me - all of me - the good and the bad. What's more, even with everything He knows, HE STILL LOVES ME!!! He still uses me. He still chooses me. That's such good news today, isn't it? Even when I don't feel worthy; when I KNOW I'm not worthy. He knows and still He loves. What an awesome Father He is! He's also no respecter of persons, so this applies across the board to anyone of us that belong to Him! Now tell me that doesn't make you want to kick up your heels?!

Happy Monday All!