I've Been Tagged!

Denise over at http://www.teacupsandtime.blogspot.com/ tagged me.
This is my first 'tag' and it came from one of my "besties," thanks Denise! :o)

The object is to give 7 random facts about myself. Of course I have no idea what to put but for grins and giggles sake, here goes...

1. I am fluent in Portuguese. Please don't ask me to "say something" I get that ALL the time! :o)

2. I'm a first generation American. My parent's are originally from Angola Africa.

3. Allison Seymour of Fox 5 news graduated from Bethesda Chevy Chase High School with me in 19-nunya! Always knew she'd go far! :o)

4. Before she was who she is now, Oprah came to our house and spoke at our church in Baltimore. So we're old pals! LOL! Who knew?!

5. I was selected to participate in the Hurston Wright Foundation's Writer's Week in July 2003. Loved it!

6. Worms render me a complete incapacitated mess!!! Ewwww!!

7. In the Tom & Jerry cartoons, I always secretly rooted for Tom (hated that dern mouse!)

Ok, those are my seven things... I only know two people on my list to tag so http://ledatta.blogspot.com and http://sovereignspirit.blogspot.com - Tag, you're it!! :o)

Have a great weekend y'all!!

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