That's What I Get

This past April, the women's ministry at my church held it's first retreat. We did the Beth Moore's "Loving Well" series and it was awesome! There's not enough time or space for me to share everything I got out of it, but there is one part that is relevant to this post.

So there I sat in the Garage church, head back, mouth open, tears flowing from laughter as I listened to Beth tell about the time God told her to brush a strange old man's hair in an airport. She described her dialogue with God (good to know I'm not the only one who puts up a fight every now and then) and the resulting look of turmoil on her face. I could hardly stand it. By the time she was done my sides were good and sore. Oh it was hands down the funniest thing I'd ever heard!! Until this morning that is...

I was sitting on the commuter bus this morning, minding my own business, talking to God and getting ready for the day. I sat down next to a young man who I never really paid much attention to before. I did notice that to be so young he appears to have a strong work ethic which is sometimes lacking in our young people (eww that sounded sooo old!).

Anyway, my conversation with God shifted and instead of talking about the day ahead, family and friends, etc, He starts talking to me about this young man. No big deal only I don't know him from Adam and I was in the middle of telling you something, God! God keeps talking about him and his faithfulness and how He is pleased with Him and is going to use his faithfulness... I'm listening (as if I had a choice), but at the same time I'm thinking (as if God didn't know) that's nice for him, but what does that have to do with me and what I was talking to you about? Next thing out of God's mouth is, "I want you to tell Him."

Me: "You want me to WHAT?!!"

God: "I want you to tell him."

Me: "Tell him what? I don't know him and there is a bus full of people here!"

God: "I want you to tell him." (I can't stand it when He does that... I heard Him the first time. What I need was for Him to address my issues! Now I know how Moses must have felt! Can a sister get an answer or what?!)

Me: "Okay, okay, but he's sleeping. Am I supposed to wake him up? Cause I'm not doing that!"

God: I could swear He sighed before saying, "Write him a note and give it to him before he gets off the bus." (Apparently I make God tired from time to time - LOL!)

Me: "Say what? How do I look at 42 passing a note to a skinny white kid half my age?!"

God: "Write him a note and give it to him before he gets off the bus." (Again with the repetition!)

Me: "Ugh!!!" As I yank out my little legal pad and a pen, I'm fussing to myself the whole time and I know my face was twisted too! It's all Beth Moore's fault! If she hadn't told that story and I hadn't laughed so hard I wouldn't be here right now writing a note to a stranger who will probably look at me like I have 2 heads tomorrow when I get on the bus... I may have to switch routes. Why always me God? I'm not like Beth, I can't handle stuff like this!

For all my fussing, it was clear to me that this was one of those situations where obedience was imperative. Plus God is like the Borg at times and 'resistance is futile,' (Trekkies will get it), so I put the pen to paper and the words came. I folded the note and proceeded to sweat for the next ten minutes of the ride. The young man on the other hand continued to sleep - 'must be nice,' I thought...

A funny thing happened as I waiting for the opportunity to give him the note. My heart began to fill with an overwhelming love for him that literally moved me to tears! Just out of the blue this love filled me up so much that I could hardly contain it. Did I mention I was on a bus full of people?! I don't like crying in front of people I know let alone a bus full of strangers! I must have looked like I was cracking up, but that became less and less important to me as God's love for this young man began to rise up in my own heart. I prayed for him as he slept, wiping away tears, wondering at what God was up to on a Tuesday morning.

I finally got myself together just before we arrived at his stop. I handed him the note before I got up to let him out and told him to have a good day. Mission accomplished! The love of God shared. The Creator of the universe glorified. I'm so humbled and honored to have played a small part in God's plan for this young man. Once again I'm in awe of a God who cares so deeply for each of us that He will use a stranger to hand us a note or brush our hair or whatever we need done so that we can know that He sees us and He loves us. How could you not love a God like that?

That's what I get for laughing so hard at Beth's story. Needless to say that from now on, my goal is to get a seat by myself! I've also learned not to laugh at the strange things God does through other people because it guarantees I'm next! Just kidding of course... well sorta... :o) All jokes aside, this morning brought me to the place where I'm open to be used by God in whatever way He sees fit, no matter how it might make me look. Bottom line is it's so not about me - it never was!

Have a terrific Tuesday all!

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