I Choose The Real Thing

This came to me this morning and kind of blew me away considering I haven't really written a poem in at least 2 years! It was one of those deals where I had to get it out of me before I could do anything else. I guess it's my prayer and my answer to a recent struggle in my life where the opportunity to "settle" came my way.

To me this is a reminder to keep standing in faith for whatever it is we are believing God for. Don't be fooled or taken in by a lesser version of the real thing. Know that when God does it, we don't have to change to accommodate it because it was made to fit us; we don't have to spruce it up because it will already be perfect for us. When God gives a thing, we don't have to compromise or struggle or manipulate to get it because it's a gift freely given from the One who loves to bless us more than we may ever comprehend. Anyway, I hope it touches you as it did me. And by all means send me some feedback!

Well, I suppose I should get to work now... Have a wonderful Wednesday!

A lie masquerading as the real thing.

Pleasing to the eyes; void of spirit.

A desert mirage posing as an oasis

Wanting to give in
The temptation is high
Perhaps the indication
That the real thing is nigh

Over and over
The voices they call
Beckoning endlessly
Willing me to fall

They offer a release
Temporary satisfaction
A simple solution
Spawned by a reckless action

The choice is mine.
Do I answer or no?
Do I stay and wait?
Or give up and go?

I made my choice
Not the easiest
To watch and wait
To pass the test

I choose dance
I choose to sing
I choose to live
I choose the real thing!

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