Ok, So I'm An Idiot!

Okay, I know I said I wasn't going to mention the bank card incident again, and I really hadn't planned to until this morning...

Those who know me know I've been on edge waiting for my new bank card to arrive. I've been like a fish out of water without it. I checked the mail every day faithfully and it never came. My patience was wearing thin. I was at the end of my rope. I was all set to call PNC this morning and demand that they overnight my card right after I gave them a piece of my mind.

Well, God in His infinite wisdom wanted to keep His daughter from making a donkey of herself... So I was packing my bag to bring to work and I thought I'd toss in a couple bills so I could pay them today... I grabbed a stack of mail that had been sitting there for over a couple weeks. I hadn't opened any of it yet, so I started to do so so I could pay whatever was in them...

I proceeded to open one when I felt something hard in it... don't tell me ... it can't be...well I'll be dipped!!! Sure enough it was my bank card!!!! So for the past two weeks as my blood pressure skyrocketed and my emotions rode a rollercoaster, MY CARD WAS HERE THE WHOLE TIME!!!! Can I just tell you that my face is red and probably will be for a long time?! All I could hear in my head as I looked at the piece of plastic in my hands was Bugs Bunny saying "What a maroon! What an ingnoranimous!" And the 2008 Idiot Award goes to... At least I can laugh at myself, that's something right?...

My apologies to my wonderful bank for all the horrible things I said (and thought) during this ordeal. The moral of this story is:

1) always pay with CASH at the drive through

2) always open your mail the milisecond you get it!

I'd just like to put this unfortunate incident behind me now, so let's just not mention it again, ok? I'm off to get some coffee to help settle my nerves!

Happy Monday all! :o)