One Night With The King (and The Princess)

After humans, I think animals are the funniest creatures around, especially dogs. They are so smart and so full of personality. The thing I like most about them though is the gift they have of reminding us what's really important, which is not the stuff we stress about. You can't be around a dog and take yourself so seriously. I love that about them.

This week I'm house/dog sitting for my dear friends Chris and Denise. They have two wonderful pooches (Maggie and Sammy) who you can read more about on Denise's blog ( Sam is a lovable golden retriever who took to me right away and is all over me at every available opportunity. Maggie, on the other hand, is a German shepherd who was wary of me at first. The more she ran from me and barked at me, the more determined I was to win her over. Tonight we had a breakthrough and as I type this she and Sam are laying in the doorway watching me (well actually they're asleep, and I take that as a testament to how comfortable they both are with me now).

So last night was our first night together and it went pretty well. Maggie wouldn't get too close to me although she only barked when I fist came in, which was an improvement. I slept in the guest bedroom and Sam joined me. Maggie opted to stay in the doorway, obviously not too sure about me. At one point during the night I had a coughing spell I looked up and Maggie was at the side of the bed looking at me. When I looked at her she ran, but I figured it was a good sign that she came to see about me... progress. We were all sleeping pretty well until somewhere around 1 a.m. one or both of them decided it was time to go out. I got up and let them out and cat napped on the couch. When I went to let them back in and Maggie didn't want to come back in for a while - she still wasn't too sure about me I suppose. Eventually I got her back in and we went back to sleep.

We got up again around 5 am (the time I needed to get up for work anyway) and they went out again. Actually, I was awakened by Sammy whining carrying my shirt, the one I wore to work today as a matter of fact, in his mouth with a look in his eyes that said, "Look-a here, get dressed or do whatever you gotta do, but we need to be let out." What else could I do but laugh, get up and let them out! [Note to self: don't lay my clothes out the night before around these two!] I got ready while they were outside and let them back in before I left. I made sure to close the bedroom door so I wouldn't come home to chewed up clothes and shoes. So far, so good and off to work I went.

When I walked in tonight after work... let's just say the house showed signs of two somebodies that had been left alone too long. Not only did I see the 'damage' I'd been pre-warned about, but there was more. Imagine my surprise when I opened the door to let them out and saw my pajama bottoms lying on the back porch! I snatched them up and came back inside to investigate. Somehow those rascals managed to open the bedroom door and dragged my pjs out (I found my pajama top on back of the couch) And at the top of the stairs was a lone slipper that someone has started working on in hopes of coming back to it later. Again all I could do was laugh.

So tonight, Maggie started coming up to me. She actually came up to me several times, which she's never done before and put her head in my lap, sits on the couch with me, she's just loving me up - the whole 9. It's as if she were a completely different dog. So I'm eating it up and then I notice Sam, who I'm learning has a jealous streak, looking at us. So he comes over and sits on me, tries to push Maggie out of the way, tries to distract her with toys (told you they were smart), he pulls out all his tricks to no avail. So he sulks away mad. Needless to say I had to make it up to him later.

So we're winding down for night number two, which I'm certain will go much smoother. Maggie just put her head on my arm as I was typing which I'm guessing is my cue that I need to wrap it up soon, so I'll quit here, but I'm sure there will be more to come as I discover more about these two lovelies and their very distinct personalities. More importantly as I discover more about myself and how not to take myself or life too seriously.

Good night all!