The Man, The Mosquito, and Me

I don't know why it is that I feel compelled to share embarassing stories about myself in a public forum, but here's the latest:

Let me begin by saying that I am not a nature girl by any stretch of the imagination. If I can help it, I prefer to partake of nature as God intended - through the National Geographic channel Don't get me wrong, I appreciate God's creation as much as the next girl. It's beautiful. It's some of His creatures I'm less than fond of - namely bugs.

So the other morning I'm riding the bus to work and there is a really cute guy sitting next to me. We said our good mornings and he put on his iPod and I want back to my book. As I was reading something caught my eye and I looked down and saw that a mosquito had landed on my arm. I should probably mention here that I can tolerate nature as long as it doesn't get ON me... My reactions to direct contact with bugs are usually dramatic, but I tried to tone it down remembering that this man was sitting next to me. So in a matter of 20 seconds, I let out a muffled screamed, hit it and brushed it off me. Problem solved with minimal drama, right? Wrong! When I looked to see where the bug was, I was horrified to find that it landed on the thigh of Cutie Pie's practically white pants!!

I took a deep breath. What to do now? Think, think! He's asleep, so I can just brush it off and he'll never know. Imagine my shock when I looked up to find myself eyeball to eyeball with this guy. Even worse he was looking at me with a "Surely, you did NOT just flick a bug on me!" expression on his face. He grabbed the bug with a tissue shaking his head the whole time like he still couldn't believe what I had done. I was so embarrassed. I apologized all over the place for the rest of the ride in. One things for sure, he won't soon forget me...

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