Laugh Out Loud

Photo by  Huyen Nguyen  on  Unsplash

Ever have one of those moments when you're by yourself and something funny happens that makes you want to laugh out loud but you can't? I have them ALL THE TIME. Like Saturday when I was at the Target (excuse my Maryland vernacular - we put "the" in front of everything so we grocery shop at "the Safeway," eat at "the Sizzler (when there was one)," and so on) I've been wanting to buy this particular CD for a few weeks, but just haven't had the time to go pick it up. So I'm in the music department and I go to the country section. There are these two HUGE Maryland farm boys (locals know what I mean) standing in front of where I need to go. So I excuse myself and reach for the CD - Reba McEntire's Duets (which is the bomb btw!). Those who know me know my peripheral vision is way better than my direct vision, so I see them look at each other like, "Did that black woman really just reach past us to get a COUNTRY CD?!" The expression on their faces... oh man I coulda bought 'em for a nickel a piece! I wanted to holler, but of course I couldn't cause I was by myself and woulda looked crazy if I did.

Then there was this morning on the way to work (yes, the infamous commuter bus). The guy in the seat front of me pulls out an inflatable travel pillow. He blows it up, leans back, closes his eyes and lets out a sigh - only it wasn't him sighing, it was his pillow letting out air!!! I chuckled to myself but when he blew it back up and the same thing happened like FOUR times, I was beside myself!!! His head kept sinking down each time and he was getting more and more frustrated... Hilarious!! I wanted to 'hoop' so bad, but, again, I couldn't.

The worst is in church though. I remember once when I was 14 or 15. Sitting in church with my sister, my best friend and her brother. We were in the back and our church was a big cathedral type building in Baltimore city with hard wooden pews. So in walks this man laden down with baby bags and carrying a baby. (Back then we used to people watch and make up stories about the people we were watching. Shoot, I still do it...) His story was that he tried to get out of doing household stuff by telling the Mrs. he was going to church and she said, "fine, then you're taking the baby!")So we're watching this man struggle to keep this child entertained and nothing was working (poor fella). Finally, he gave the baby his keys and that settled him down... for a minute. When he noticed daddy wasn't paying him any attention, he dropped the keys on the floor which was amplified 100 times louder in that church. The father grumbled, picked up the keys, gave them back to the baby and leaned back in the pew and fell asleep. Once again the baby realized his dad wasn't paying attention to him so he dropped the keys again, startling the man so bad he jumped. This time when he went down to pick up the keys he banged his head on the back of the pew in front of him which sounded like a cannon! We were hysterical and my best friend's brother couldn't hold it in. He laughed out loud and they all ducked which I didn't know they were gonna do. When everyone looked back to see what was happening - there I sat, the preacher's daughter looking crazy. You can imagine the "you should know better" looks and lectures I got after church from all the mean old ladies... *sigh*

My question is: why can't funny things like this happen in places or at times when you can laugh to your heart's content? So yeah, it's been a really funny couple of days and I was just wondering if this kind of stuff happens to anyone else.