It Must Be Me

Deja-vu… Photo by  Zep Nurdiman  on  Unsplash

Deja-vu… Photo by Zep Nurdiman on Unsplash

Ok, this is going to sound way crazy, I already know, but I am convinced I ran into the SAME pigeon from the other day!!! Granted, I may be a little 'noid, but I was on my way to lunch at Federal Triangle and I was about to go down some steps and there was the pigeon blocking my way. I giggled to myself remembering the incident from the day before and thought (again), 'oh he'll move by the time I get there.' He didn't (again) so this time I had to go around HIM!!! All the while I'm thinking, 'If I didn't know any better, I'd think that bird is trying to provoke me..."

On my way back up the stairs - there he is AGAIN! This time he has a friend with him and I'm freaking out just a little b/c now I'm remembering the movie THE BIRDS!!!

It may have just been the smell of my fries, but let's just say they made it a little challenging to get back up the stairs... I made it in tact, but I was prepared to give up the fries if I had to - just so they would leave me alone! Welcome to another day in the life... What's sad is I'm used to stuff like this happening to me!