Only In My World


Let me start by saying, this is an absolutely true story! I don't know what it is about me, but there are things that happen in my life that never happen to anyone else. So this morning as I was walking from my bus stop to work and there were all these birds everywhere. No big surprise since downtown DC is a pigeon's paradise. I was going through this alcove and I run into a group of about 5 pigeons. They parted to let me through except for the one in the middle. I kept thinking oh, he'll move and I kept walking. He kept walking too until we were literally face to beak.

Then this bugger looked up at me with an expression that said, "So I guess you expect me to go around ?" And I'm looking down at him thinking, "uh, yeah, I do!" I actually said, "Seriously?" and then I caught myself and looked around to make sure no one heard me! So there we were neither one budging and I swear that bird SIGHED and went around me like I was in HIS way????!!! What is that about?!!!

I'm telling you these things only happen to me. I'm probably the only person you know of who got "punked" by a pigeon!!!